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natural nails with gel

13 febrero 2023 en Consejos para salones de belleza

8 minuten tiempo de lectura

Why do you work better with 1 professional system?










If you choose a single partner to provide you with smart salon solutions that are fully aligned, you can always be 100% confident in the professional system you offer to your clients. 

After all, your success as a beauty entrepreneur is not determined by individual products, by that one gloss you love to work with or that one colour you are so fond of, but by how all these products work together to provide each client with a top-notch result: stunning gel nails that remain perfectly intact until the next touch-up. That's your mission.

And this system, by the way, involves more than just your gels. It is the combination of the gels you apply, the machines and tools you use and your working method that together guarantee a perfect result and allow you to work faster and more comfortably.

Working with 1 system gives you peace of mind because you always know how you can satisfy each customer 100%, and which solutions to use. It avoids problems, wasted time and unhappy customers.

It also makes your beauty business more profitable and lightens the workload. In other words, it contributes significantly to the success of your salon and to your well-being as a beauty professional. It reduces your stress, it makes you financially better and it’s better for your long-term health.

It also ensures that you can enjoy 100% support. When you choose 1 partner with 1 professional system like ProNails, you know that all products, techniques and machines have been extensively tested with each other. Your Partner can thus offer you 100% support to always achieve the desired result. We continuously share our expertise via workshops, extensive online info and personal advice from our experts so that you can optimise your working methods or expand them with new techniques.

When you work with the ProNails professional system, you have the support of a partner who takes as much care of you, as a beauty professional, as you take of your clients.

Want to work with the ProNails system too? We help you grow & make you shine!



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